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By: Young Dj Academy  05/12/2011

Uncategorized « Young DJ Academy

Traktor Scratch is one of the most popular softwares in use by DJ’s who embrace the digital format when performing live. After years of service in the industry, it’s safe to say that Traktor is here to stay.

Native Instruments Traktor software has in part, been responsible for the resurrection of the turntable DJ, which we are all for here at the Young DJ Academy.

Utilising digital technology to allow DJ’s to play their digital files using time coded vinyl, the software has brought the attention back onto the turntable which was lagging behind new media like CDJ’s. Although the main attraction seems to be on the return to playing vinyl with Traktor, there are also options to use the software with CD Players or play music directly from a laptop.

If you have not seen the software in use, here’s a short snippet of DMC champions Qbert, Rafik & Shiftee showing what the software is capable of.

Traktor Scratch training is available at the Young DJ Academy, come over & see the software in action in our training centre.

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