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By: Young Dj Academy  05/12/2011

Services « Young DJ Academy

The Young DJ Academy can provide a range of music services, they include……

  • Advice & support
  • DJ’s & equipment for community discos/ events
  • DJ training (Groups/ Individuals)
  • Partnership in funding applications
  • Peer education programs
  • Radio broadcasting projects
  • Music making/ recording
  • Training for youth/ community workers
  • Consultancy for youth music initiatives

-How does a project happen?

All of these services are delivered on an outreach basis & usually take place in a venue identified & agreed by host organisation & academy staff. The academy can provide premises for projects on request.


  1. Meeting scheduled in host premises
  2. Young people, host organisations staff & Academy DJ agree project (times, logistics, learning, outcomes)
  3. Sessions/ training delivered
  4. Outcome achieved i.e.(recording, performance, cd, certification)
  5. Evaluation process with all stakeholders
  6. Follow up agreed

Projects vary widely depending on the needs, experience & desires of groups, so, initial meetings & planning are vital in order to achieve a successful outcome for the work.

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Utilising digital technology to allow DJ’s to play their digital files using time coded vinyl, the software has brought the attention back onto the turntable which was lagging behind new media like CDJ’s. Native Instruments Traktor software has in part, been responsible for the resurrection of the turntable DJ, which we are all for here at the Young DJ Academy.