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By: Yank's Guide Irl  05/12/2011

Gift Certificates « Yanks Guide Ireland

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone who’s been longing to visit Ireland?

Make their dream vacation come alive. Give them the gift of A Taste of Ireland.

Bring them together with a few like-minded travelers in your home to go on a visual journey. They’ll enjoy a lively exchange of insider tips and information – and learn some Irish jargon. We’ll serve complimentary foods peppered with cultural insights along withtraditional music, Travel Tips, plus insightson family names and crests.

Whether or not they make it to the real Ireland, they will take home a sense of place – and plenty of ideas on how to connect with their Celtic soul.

So, have a hooley in your kitchen!  Hear the music and taste the flavors of the Emerald Isle! Mutually agreeable date for 3 to 6 people – cooked up anytime of day in your Lancaster, PA home. Gift certs available in $30 and $40 denominations.

Call Marian at (717) 299-3189 to ask about hosting  A Taste of Ireland. We’ll have fun creating the Ceol agus Craic event you imagine.
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Online researchers who reserved the flights, but are hesitant about the itinerary - We’ll review your plan and add the insights to traditional country or contemporary city life. Detail oriented planners who want to research a trip - We’ll help you focus so as to maximize your time, money, and enjoyment. If Ireland is just a faraway dream, a Beach Retreat girls-getaway, or a Taste of Ireland journey might be just what you need.


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We have full reign over spacious living areas – with two comfortable living rooms, two dining rooms and two fully equipped kitchens and three bathrooms. Simple but comfortable bedrooms are decorated in beach style with a total of 11 double beds and 5 twin beds. You can reach us at 299-3189.We’ll be happy to add you to our list for the next available Girls’ Getaway.