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By: Xango  05/12/2011
Keywords: Mangosteen Fruit, Mangosteen Juice

In Asia, the mangosteen has been used for centuries as a traditional preparation, from topical applications to teas. So powerful that mangosteen was respectfully called the Queen of Fruits; today scientists refer to it as Garcinia mangostana.

In 2002 the founders of XANGO launched the world’s first global mangosteen product: XANGO® Juice. Establishing a new standard for the wellness industry XANGO Juice gave birth to a groundbreaking new category and a record-setting company. The uncompromising quality, sound science, sensational flavor and authoritative brand have made XANGO the only name of consequence in mangosteen nutrition.

XANGO’s premier mangsosteen juice XANGO Reserva harnesses the power of the mangosteen fruit to deliver a unique payload of phtonutrients including xanthones, catechins, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins in the most delicious, easily absorbed package possible. Today millions of people around the world have enjoyed the many benefits of mangosteen products from XANGO.

Keywords: Mangosteen Fruit, Mangosteen Juice

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Eight years after the introduction of XANGO® Juice, XANGO unveiled the elegant, definitive culmination of the mangosteen’s complexities—a product handcrafted from years of experience, reinvented from our signature mangosteen formula. Incorporating a refined and complex flavor XANGO Reserva is sure to impress even the most sophisticated of palates. XANGO Reserva offers a truly uncommon experience as the premium XANGO beverage.


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In our ever-present quest for healthy, youthful looking skin, many of us have been lead to believe that the personal care products we use help the progress of our journey. XANGO is once again first-to-market, introducing Glimpse™ Topical Skin Nutrition—a category creator in topical skin nutrition with the mangosteen. The mangosteen’s dark purple was actually used traditionally in Southeast Asia to maintain both internal and external health.


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Glimpse Skin Care additionally is intuitive, featuring self-adjusting formulas to address your skin's ever-changing needs. This patent-pending blend of three exclusive xanthone complexes is at the heart of our meticulously created formulas. We've explored the whole mangosteen fruit and derived the finest and most potent xanthone-rich ingredients. The result is a proprietary blend, exclusive to Glimpse Skin Care, known as.