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By: Woolcore  05/12/2011

Joma enhances the natural resilience of wool by applying additional crimp.  Each individual hair functions like a miniature spring, holding the body weight gently, while the spring “action” actively circulates the air around the fibre.  The vertical alignment of the fibres and the crimp create an active air cushion under the body.  The gentle air circulation is fuelled by the slightest movement or change in temperatures.  The air cushion allows the wool to work its magic effectively: higher wool and air volume enhance the benefits of temperature and water vapour diffusion, keeping the body within its natural comfort zone.

The wool pile backing is engineered using a Protex/cotton blend yarn.
Protex is an inherently flame retardant (FR), non-allergenic and mildew resistant material. The Protex fiber is extremely difficult to ignite and will self extinguish and coupled with the inherent flame retardant properties of the wool pile, Joma provides a high level of fire safety and resistance.

The Woollaby sleep range featuring Joma Mattress top creates a three dimensional sleeping surface providing a critical performance enhancement for baby’s mattress. The smooth surface of the fabric blends in seamlessly, the texture is inviting and creates a natural environment for the body and provides a safe and comfortable sleep.