Winflow Valves

By: Winflo Valves  05/12/2011

Coming soon to the range of Winflo valves

A new Wireless Electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valve, also with the quick connect feature. This valve will have an all new frictionless valve seal, and will react to room temperature settings more quickly and accurately, and will save energy accordingly.

Ever had the problem of trying to connect/disconnect tap and faucet fittings behind wash hand basins, baths etc....not any more help is on the way!!

A new range of taps and faucets will be available with the quick connect feature incorporated into them. Instead of having to turn off the water system throughout the house, simply rotate the outer collar and the unit can be removed from situ with the minimum of disruption.

Reconnection is simple, just reverse what you’ve just done !!

Step One

Turn the rotary collar until it disengages from the locating pin.

Step Two

Remove the radiator safely from its fittings.

Step Three

Reverse steps one and two, ensuring that everything is fitted tightly. Yes it really is that easy!!