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By: Wild West Foods  05/12/2011
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The best way for newcomers to try out our jerky ranges. A bag of most things included. Just purchase a Habanero on top and you have the lot. Mixed multi pack of nine big bags at a value price and no postage charge - Find your favourite with this mix. Only £36 inc postage -Save £6.17 on normal price with postage - In stock -

The original beef steak snack. Cut into small solid pieces packed with flavour and freshness - Salt based cure - Very low carb and high protein - In stock -

Rich flavour with bite. Now cut into small solid beef pieces which are packed with beefy flavour - Salt based cure - Very low carb and high protein - In stock -

Mildly spiced and hand cut - MSG free - Ketchup based cure. The U.S. Slab style jerky - Mid flavour cure, slightly sweet. Better than ever right now - In stock -


U.S. Slab style jerky. Sweet cured with Ketchup base old fashioned jerky with a taste of a modern teriyaki sauce marinade. Scroll through "select weight" to find a great deal on 1Kg in 100g bags - In Stock-

Again, this is Slab style and with a tangy, warm but not too hot taste! - Sweet based ketchup cure - In stock -

Top results on a taste panel during testing. This outperformed the best selling American jerky in the States. Need I say more? This product is included in the mixed value bag - In stock -


All Natural
Formaly known as TRADITIONAL - No artificial ingredients but packed with flavour and a strong kick of Paprika. Give it a try - you will not be disappointed- Sweet cure - In stock -

All Natural
Formerly called Cracked pepper. We have improved the flavour and it still has no artificial ingredients. A good pepper taste with a good kick of Paprika. It is slightly sweeter than the gourmet peppered and is sold as a premium jerky in the states - In stock -

This is hot and spicy as the name suggests, cured with a sweet paprika marinade and with added red chilli! It is free of any artificial ingredients but be warned, it is Hot. I know several people completely addicted to the kick of this one. Nobody else in the world has this jerky, it is made especially for us at Wild West - In stock -

This is very hot and spicy. It had becaome a little tame of late so we have just upped the spice levels for those who do like HOT! This product is not included in the mixed value bag. It is HOT so be warned. Do not feed to children - In stock -

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beef jerky recipes UK beef jerky recipes beef jerky products - products

The beef is renowned as some of the finest in the world coming from that great beef producing country, Uruguay in South America where there are three times as many cattle as people. A softer textured jerky which comes in two flavours and in 50g, 100g & 200g bags of bite-sized pieces. This is ideal for a newcomer to our premium quality jerky to see what flavour and style they like.