Smoked Salmon & Seafood from Ireland's leading fish processor Kerryfish

By: Wild Smoked Salmon  05/12/2011
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Kerryfish Wild Irish Oak Smoked Salmon

Since 1960 Kerryfish has pioneered the export of Wild Irish Smoked Salmon and fresh fish to our global customers. Our smoking technique is one that we practiced since our inception and Kerryfish has built up a loyal following of gourmet customers throughout the world.

We pride ourselves in the very special product we produce from Wild Atlantic Salmon which is the authentic product that cannot be substituted in Quality, Taste or Texture by any mass produced farm or organic farm bred fish. Kerryfish use UPS Worldwide door to door courier service to deliver our Wild Smoked Salmon all over the world.

Wild Salmon is an excellent source of high quality protein and being completely natural contain no antibiotics, growth hormones or artificial colors and is high in heart healthy Omega 3 fatty acids.

Kerryfish Wild Irish Smoked Salmon is:
Pure and Natural
Wild, Free and Sustainable
High in Protein and Rich in Antioxidants
High in Omega 3
Completely Free of Growth Hormones, Antibiotics, Artificial Colors & Processed Feeds

Cold smoking is a distinguished and traditional style of smoking applied in the production of Smoked Salmon. In preparation for smoking the Wild Salmon are filleted, boned and salted to taste. During smoking, heat is never directly applied to the salmon, the Wild Salmon is gently “cooked” through contact with the smoke. Chips of hardwood (we use Oak) are used to make the smoke. Smoked Salmon is typically smoked for about 10 to 14 hours, leaving the salmon moist with a faint smoky aroma. Kerryfish Wild Smoked Salmon contains no additives apart from smoke and salt to flavour. Kerryfish Wild Smoked Salmon is vacuum packed and has a shelf life of up to 30 days when held unopened at +2C.

Kerry Fish Ireland Limited is committed to producing and delivering a quality product.
Recognised as Ireland's leading fish processor Kerry Fish's products consistently meet and exceed the expectations of its valued customers. The company ensures that all products are supplied in a hygienic and temperature controlled manner in accordance with EU health and hygiene regulations 492 and 493/1. All Kerry Fish employees are fully trained in accordance with the relevant EU health and hygiene regulations.

Keywords: Atlantic Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Wild Smoked Salmon