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By: Wicona  05/12/2011


Services and support services that can be seen.

Staff with sound technical knowledge and expertise and a contact person for all areas will ensure that you are provided with continuous, competent advice. You can be sure that the staff at WICONA will help you to select the best product from our range and will be on hand to answer any other questions you may have.

The training opportunities offered by WICONA provide our fabricators with even more knowledge. Practical and theory-based workshops, seminars and further training modules will provide you with knowledge and expertise on working with WICONA products. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with trainers and specialists from the respective specialist departments.

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Uw value calculations - Wicona Ireland

At the same time, a corresponding graph is created to show the interconnection between the influence proportions, as a percentage, of the profile, glass and edge seal. If you change the settings (e.g. the Psi value) using a scroll bar, the result is calculated straight away. You can calculate U values of windows in accordance with EN 10077-1 in the simplest form. Tools for calculating technical data are available under WICTIP Tools.


Technical support - Wicona Ireland

Architects and contractorsOur team of fa?§ade engineers, technicians and specification advisors are on hand to work with you on the development of highly engineered fa?§ade designs, and will provide design, technical input and resources at every stage, from initial concepts, specification and detailing, to fabrication, installation and testing.


WICONA Test Centre - Wicona Ireland

Testing for high performance windows and doorsThe window test rig is designed for combinations of windows, doors and fixed light glazing with frame sizes of up to 3.6m by 2.9m, assessing air permeability, water tightness, and wind and impact resistance.


The project finder - Wicona Ireland

WICONA Finder is the new internet platform with a series of invaluable benefits for architects and specifiers. Do you have a specific task for a building project and want to verify your design or construction options. Find suitable products and technical details.