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Nutritional Therapy from Back To Life Therapies

By: Back To Life Therapies  21/09/2015
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-Nutritional Therapy is a scientific, evidenced based approach that aims to enhance a clients physical health and mental well-being while also promoting a better quality of life. -Nutritional Therapy focuses on the consumption of whole natural, unprocessed foods. Foods free from artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, chemicals, flavor enhancers, artificial coloring and hydrogenated fats and oils are on the nutritional therapists menu. -A nutritional therapist can identify which foods are causing you distress or allergies and by temporarily eliminating these and replacing them with nutrient equivalent foods, coupled with small life-style changes, amazing improvements will come about. -Nutritional Therapy treats the individual as a whole; Mind, Body and Spirit. It delves deep into the causes of specific illnesses, diseases and symptoms and corrects them at the root rather than just treating the symptoms. -A nutritional therapist will look at each client as an individual with specific needs, dietary requirements and nutrient requirements in order for them to "thrive not just survive". A personalized and tailor made program will be recommended by the nutritional therapist based on each client and these specific needs. -Nutritional Therapy can have extraordinary positive effects on people of all ages and walks of life. Many clients also come to us without presenting any symptoms, diseases, illnesses or health issues. They attend a session simply to improve their health and to gain invaluable knowledge regarding staying healthy while looking for counselling on disease prevention. We will advise on which supplements, super foods rich in antioxidants and probiotics you should be taking.

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