Archaeological Services

By: De Faoite Archaeology  05/12/2011
Keywords: Archaeological Consultancy, Archaeologists, Archaeological Resource

  • Archaeological Consultancy Service
    Should your development have an archaeological condition we will liaise with all the relevant bodies to ensure your project is dealt with and channeled through the system in the most efficient manner.
  • Archaeological Impact Assessments and Historical Research
    Our dedicated researchers will examine all documentary and cartographic sources to ensure that any potential impacts on the archaeological resource are identified at an early stage and appropriate mitigation can be applied in consultation with the relevant bodies
  • Test Excavation by Licensed Archaeologists
    All testing programmes in relation to proposed developments will be carried out by experienced licenced archaeological directors to ensure that any potential impacts are identified at an early stage and alternative options can be explored in consultation with the client and relevant statutory bodies
  • Archaeological Monitoring by suitably qualified Archaeologists
    We will provide experienced archaeologists to monitor proposed developments so that an assessment in conjunction with our in house specialists can be made of should any archaeological material be encountered
  • Archaeological Site Excavation
    A licenced archaeological director shall be available on a full time basis on site along with an experienced hand picked crew with different areas of specialisation to ensure that the archaeological resource is dealt with in the most professional manner possible and most efficiently

Keywords: Archaeological Consultancy, Archaeological Material, Archaeological Resource, Archaeologists, Experienced Archaeologists,