Crime Scene Cleaning

By: Mould Busters Ltd   18/09/2009
Keywords: Cleaning, disinfection, crime scene cleaning

Mould Busters provides the secondary response to a crime scene: cleaning and decontaminating the area; returning it to its pre-incident state. 

Mould Busters Client Services:

We treat the fundamental issues of any biohazard presented by a crime scene:

• Violent death (murder/suicide/accidental)
• Decomp (a decomposing body)
• Methamphetamine labs / Marijuana Grow-Ops
• Garbage house (used as rubbish dump or toilet)
• RTA (Road Traffic Accident) clean-up (spillages/bodily fluids etc)

Soft Protector Services:

• 24 hour service
• 365 days of the year
• Removal of all biohazards (bodily fluids etc.)
• Disinfection of area utilising fogging where needed
• Removal of toxic residues
• Removal of contaminated materials

Keywords: Cleaning, crime scene clean up, crime scene cleaning, disinfection