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By: Solargrid  05/12/2011

At SolarGrid, we combine the best individual products from leading producers to assemble world class micro PV systems for our clients. These systems are differentiated by the potential level of output (kWp). In addition to the list of standard systems below, SolarGrid also design larger bespoke PV systems. These too are configured to give maximum return per kWp installed. Many of the terms below are explained on the 


1 kWp system

Roof mounted array area            c.7.5 sq m

No. of PV modules/panels           6 Monocrystalline

String Configuration                  1

1.75 kWp system

Roof mounted array area            c.12.5 sq m

No. of PV modules/panels           10 Monocrystalline

String Configuration                   2

2.1 kWp system

Roof mounted array area            c.15 sq m

No. of PV modules/panels           12 Monocrystalline

String Configuration                   1

2.8 kWp system

Roof mounted array area            c.20 sq m

No. of PV modules/panels           16 Monocrystalline

String Configuration                   2

3.5 kWp system

Roof mounted array area            c.25 sq m

No. of PV modules/panels           20 Monocrystalline

String Configuration                   2

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