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By: Coffee Time  05/12/2011
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The products we carry reflect our ambition to provide a premium refreshment solution.
This is provided by using quality products for your staff and customer enjoyment whatever the situation. Products are grouped under the following headings:
Espresso Beans

Schuemli No 1 Crema Uno
Arabica - Blend for Cappuccino & Café Crème, Original Swiss Roast

Schuemli No 6 Cinque Stelle
5- Star Espresso from southern Italy, Supreme high - Arabica Blend

Schuemli No 8 Gran Caffe Italia
Authentic Espresso from Sicily Premium Filter Coffee

Schuemli No 9 Restaurant Coffee
Very Low in acid fully Aromatic round filter coffee, bulk and pour over. Quality Teas and Flavoured teas

Percol African One Cup Tea
Fair-trade premium tea blend from the African continent
Lyons Original
Lyons Original Blend is a blend of the finest teas in the world.
Not surprising then that its one of Ireland's favourite cups of tea.
Barry's Gold Blend Tea
This finest quality tea is from a blend, which comes from the high mountain slopes of Kenya and the Assam Valley in India. It is uniquely refreshing taste and has a bright golden colour. A tea for every moment.
Twinings Speciality Teas
Expertly selected from the finest tea growing areas for their flavours and aromas Twinings have the following range Classic, Classic Light, Aromatics and Infusion. These are supplied for your enjoyment. Luxury Hot Chocolate

Van Houten Hot Chocolate
A deliciously smooth instant chocolate drink with a higher cocoa content than standard chocolates for a more continental taste. An ideal all-day drinking chocolate.
Galaxy Hot Chocolate
With real Galaxy chocolate in every cup, Galaxy Hot Chocolate is a silky smooth premium instant hot chocolate. Galaxy Hot Chocolate is the perfect chocolate for an everyday treat. HVO Free and Low Fat Whiteners for Office / Instant Range

Milfresh HVO Free Whitener
A healthier alternative to traditional whiteners, with no Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils, which are known to cause Trans Fatty Acids (TFA's) in foods. Milfresh HVO Free Whitener is developed specially for tea and coffee and has excellent 'whitening power'.
Milfresh Granulated Skimmed Milk
Milfresh Superior Granulated Skimmed Milk delivers an authentic quality milk that 'tastes as good as fresh'. This HVO free Skimmed Milk is virtually fat free and makes superb cappuccino and latte with a thick, creamy head. The natural taste also makes it ideal for tea and coffee. Ethical and Sustainable Instant Range

Buendia Traditional and Rain Forest Alliance Coffee
is a freeze-dried 100% Colombian Coffee made from the finest Arabica beans for a smooth, mild and consistent flavour.
Buendia is a global coffee brand owned by the Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC) a co-operative of 566,000 Colombian coffee growers. A fair price is guaranteed for growers and profits are channelled back into the community. Sugars / Low Calorie Sweetners / UHT Milks

Vending Sugar is an integral ingredient and with Silver Spoon, we offer a brand you can trust which is specially granulated for ease of flow through your machines.
Sugar in sticks and sachets is also available for Café offers. We also provide a range of Sweeteners and UHT Milk Pots. Waters, Juices, Minerals and Snacks
We provide a full choice of brand leading Cold Beverage and Snacks for all locations
These can be bottled water through to board room biscuits and everything in between.

Keywords: chocolate, coffee, coffee service, tea