LEAN display system

LEAN display system from Not trading

By: Not trading  18/03/2011


Our stand-alone hardware and software device (shown in the image above) communicates information related to performance around the workplace.

We have deployed it in the past on factory floors to aid production processes. However, it could also be deployed in other contexts - in particular, in marketing and sales.


• Visual display of current work priorities and completion percentages

• Visual display of daily performance rates and cycle (takt) times

• Visual display of process flows

• Workplace communication of situations that need attention

• Workplace communication of equipment maintenance schedules, set-up procedures, total productive maintenance procedures, etc.


• Clear display of performance related information

• Intuitive user interface and quick form based data entry

• Record keeping and graphing of stored information to view trends

• Inbuilt mechanisms to ensure that data is entered as is needed, and as is convenient.


• Reduce production lead times

• Increase throughput and productivity

• Ensure timely and accurate operational knowledge

• Ensure longer equipment life

• Foster a culture of improvement

• Foster higher labour efficiency and quality


• Can be supplied according to client requirements for your in-house deployment

• Deployment can be integrated with an integrated LEAN effort and participative research and learning programme run by our company