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By: The Paciello Group  05/12/2011

Through the documentation provided by the Accessibility Audit, this phase can be run efficiently and cost effectively. The Paciello Group provides Project Management and Consulting oversight to our customers embarking on making accessibility enhancements themselves. Additionally we can work side by side with the development teams to implement the enhancements for accessibility design.

Our Enhancement Services Include:

  • Assisting client teams in making coding changes to templates, HTML, etc.
  • Assisting client teams in making database table and field modifications
  • Project management and consulting

Other products and services from The Paciello Group


Web Development | The Paciello Group

TPG team members are actively involved in the development and use of new and emerging Guidelines and technologies. We have an awareness and understanding of accessible development using non-W3C. TPG understands the design priciples for Universal Access: Accessibility. Well-structured documents using semantically correct elements. Separation of presentation and behaviour from structure.


Usability Testing | The Paciello Group

Our ability to conduct remote evalutions allows us to recruit wider user samples across a wide breadth of disability communities both nationally and internationally. TPG also performs remote evalutions using a combination of VPN's, web forums, and remote usability testing tools. TPG performs user testing involving people with disabilities and your product.