Counselling & Psychotherapy

By: Wicklow Counselling  05/12/2011
Keywords: Counselling, anxiety, Depression


Talking helps us come to terms with issues in our daily lives such as relationship- or family problems, bereavement, illness, problems at work, self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety and other causes for distress.
Counselling provides support to find inner strength to deal with difficult times and can bring insight and change.
Counselling is in general a short-term service. For some clients, it might uncover deeper issues that need attention which might lead into longer-term psychotherapy.


is for those who want to look at a deeper level into what is going on for them. It explores positive and negative sides of our being and looks at recurring patterns that might hold us back.
It is an exploration of the self that can lead to awareness, acceptance and change. This is usually a longer term service. 

Keywords: anxiety, Counselling, Depression