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By: Ihwt  05/12/2011
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Following what was a most informative and progressive day, at the Equine Health and Welfare Conference co hosted by IHWT and sponsored by Sarah Fisher and Anthony Head and Redwings Horse Sanctuary, the first ever National Equine Health and Welfare Council has been established in Ireland.

With attendance from all major welfare groups, veterinarians, Department of Agriculture and Marine, Horse Racing Ireland, Horse Sport Ireland and many more, the conference allowed an opportunity for information sharing at many levels.

The National Equine Health and Welfare Council will be a working council for the benefit of all equine welfare groups and other interested bodies. Its main goal is to set new precedents for exceptional outcomes for Irish Equines

While the Irish Horse Welfare Trust has spearheaded such events, the challenge now is translating this shared knowledge, vision and commitment into a new body which can represent equine charities and interest groups with one distinct voice.

Jane Myerscough Chairperson of IHWT says: “Many charities dealing with equine welfare issues, are individually campaigning and working with limited resources and funds. In these exceptionally challenging times, there is a need to co ordinate and organise equine welfare under one umbrella.”

“The idea behind such an initiative in forming a Council, is for the development of a professional collective body, driven by evidence based information, to build long term sustainable solutions. To be a united voice, is to be a more effective voice,” she adds. “It is vital that equine welfare groups work together to set a new level of engagement, that as individual organisations we may not being able to achieve.”

Keywords: Equine Welfare, horse, Irish Horse

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