By: Crowley Carbon  05/12/2011
Keywords: energy efficiency, Energy Monitoring, Air Handling

Crowley Carbon Products

As the leading provider of Energy Efficiency solutions in the British Isles, Crowley Carbon has scoured the planet for the most innovative and cost-effective products & technologies available today.

After exhaustive testing & evaluation in our labs and on customer sites, we have secured distribution rights to thousands of products from the most proven & respected vendors, in many cases on an exclusive basis.

With access to the largest suite of efficiency products, Crowley Carbon provides a unique, tailored solution for each client, based on their precise energy circumstances and requirements. This solution is produced by using Danú ©, the world’s first expert system software for specifying and deploying energy efficiency. Danú generates a unique energy blueprint and efficiency solution derived from the clients’ asset register, consumption map and payback hurdle rates.

Crowley Carbon solutions cover energy monitoring and controls, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, lighting, air handling and ventilation, waste heat recovery and electricity generation, motive power optimisation, chilling and water conservation.

Keywords: Air Handling, Carbon Products, energy efficiency, Energy Monitoring, Tailored Solution

Other products and services from Crowley Carbon



Using the latest Nano technology it works year round - like other major ebergy saving measures such as high-efficiency lighting, new control systems, and HVAC upgrades. Thermal destratification is the equalisation of air temperature throughout a building or enclosed space via a range of quiet economic directional ceiling fans. In summer, windows allow too much heat to enter, forcing cooling systems to work harder and making cooling costs climb.


Heat Recovery Systems

Every manufacturing or industrial site produces volumes of waste heat which can be recovered to either pre-heat water for on-site heating systems & processes or, more attractively, to generate 'free' electricity. Crowley Carbon has licensed the finest available technologies to harness this source of free energy for it's clients, and is developing a class-leading waste-heat turbine generator in a unique, compact format.



With the advent of condensing boilers which contain secondary heat exchangers to gather the heat which would normally disappear up the chimney, boilers can now be 40% more efficient than boilers that were installed a mere 5 years ago. Boilers must run a purge cycle at the start of each on-cycle to assure that there is no accumulation of explosive gases in the fire box.