BioKube Venus 600

By: Biokube  05/12/2011
Keywords: Recycling, tank, Recycling System

The BioKube Venus 600 is designed to recycle household sewage water with the least possible

cost, inconvenience and use of energy. BioKube was researched and developed in Denmark and is now patented and available in the USA through Ashtecs.

The process is very robust and stable with genuinely low maintenance requirements.  The BioKube designers have achieved a consistent and durable method for cleaning household sewage and other wastewater by creating ideal conditions for the naturally occurring microorganisms to live and thrive. BioKube is specifically designed as a domestic wastewater recycling system so that the treated water can be re-used where permitted.

With approved annual maintenance the process can be uniquely guaranteed for five years.

Key Benefits:

  • - Water capable of being reused due to advanced quality treatment.
  • - No filter media to be replaced.
  • - No odors evident as hydrogen sulphide is eliminated.
  • - Very low annual maintenance.
  • - Suitable for seasonal use in summer houses as bacteria will survive for up to 6 months.
  • - Flow equalization chamber provides for highly consistent treatment.
  • - Robust and passive process.
  • - 1500 gallon pre-settlement tank is integrated as part of the treatment process.
  • - The larger tank volume evens out fluctuations in the organic and hydraulic loads.

The BioKube treatment process:

  • - Primary treatment and break down of toxic hydrogen sulphide
  • - Influent flow equalization
  • - Break down of organic material
  • - Break down of ammonium nitrogen (nitrification)
  • - Significant reduction in pathogenic bacteria
  • - Removal of sludge to primary tank
  • - Recirculation of effluent and denitrification
  • - Removal of phosphorus (if required)
  • - Final disinfection by UV (if required)
  • - Recycling, reuse or dispersal of the cleaned water.

Keywords: Recycling, Recycling System, tank, wastewater recycling, Wastewater Recycling System

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