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By: Stimare  05/12/2011
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Ticketing-in-a-Box – The Electronic Biscuit Tin


Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box ticketing terminal and printer

Recommended for

While Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box is ideal for most ticketing scenarios, the system has been successfully piloted and is now employed in a number of demanding event situations across the world including

  • Pubs/Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Leisure centers
  • Schools
  • Universities & colleges
  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Traveling fairs and events such as circuses and funfairs
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Small theme parks and funfairs

Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box – The world’s easiest to use ticketing system

Simple, secure and small, Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box requires only

  • Five minutes event reconfiguration
  • Five minutes operator training, and
  • Five minutes end of shift conciliation

Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box does not require

  • Expensive software licenses, complex hardware or preprinted tickets
  • Space consuming in situ PC, monitor or separate cashbox, or
  • Costly and time consuming technical support

Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box – The world’s most cost effective ticketing system

Because it requires no software licenses, complex hardware or preprinted tickets, you could say Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box is also world’s most cost effective small ticketing system.

Ready to use straight from the box, Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box is a contemporary take on the traditional ‘Biscuit Tin’ or ‘Cigar Box’ associated with ticket and cash administration at many small and medium size events. And, while it is easy to operate, Stimare Ticketing has all the security and reporting features expected in a secure modern ticketing system.

Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box makes individual ticket sellers responsible for their own cash conciliation and offers promoters multiple reporting options to improve the efficiency of their events.

How Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box works

Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box operates similarly to a computerized till system.


Ready to use straight from the box, to reconfigure for a new event, remove the SD card and slot into a PC. Simply load the event information, multiple ticket types, prices, coupons, vouchers, sales tax/VAT rates, operator names and passwords, etc. You can also  allocate functions to specific keys on the keyboard.

Operator Security - Log on - Log off

The operator logs on by inputting their ID number to operate the unit. At the end of the shift the operator counts their cash and performs a cash conciliation. This requires the operator to match the system's record and the actual take, thus avoiding fraudulent activity.

Reporting Capabilities

Ticket type analysis can be carried out directly from the Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box unit without removing the SD card, or the SD card can be removed from the Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box unit, and an activity report by date can be downloaded in text file or Excel document format on to your PC for future data use.

Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box unit's inbuilt password-protected reporting tool allows the event manager to see ticket sales by:

  • Operator
  • Date
  • Time-line
  • Ticket type
  • Ticket category and
  • Many other classifications.

Coping under Pressure

The compact Stimare Ticketing-in-a-Box is ideal for scenarios where space is of a premium and fast service is essential (See video)

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