By: Softworks  05/12/2011

Very little of my time is spent administering the system, it runs like clockwork..
The extensive reporting capabilities of the system allow us to determine the reasons for absenteeism and its associated costs.. 

It helps me with labour turnover as well, as I can run reports on starters & leavers by department, by gender, by age..

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Employee Scheduling Software, Staff Rostering, Schedule Optimization Software

Is an easy to use solution that allows Managers and Supervisors to view the number of employees due to start at a particular point within the working day and the duties to be worked within a shift in a particular department, ward or section of the business. Ideal for workforce scheduling in hotels, hospitals, department stores and manufacturing, it allows supervisors and managers to view, at a glance, all current and future staffing schedules.


Project Management Services, Customer Support Service, Softworks

While it wasn’t the cheapest system we looked at, I believe you get what you pay for and we have got a good, user friendly solution that has delivered what it said it would,” says Joe Kenny, IT Manager at Dublin Bus. The menus are very clear and the links flow logically.


Time & Attendance, Time Attendance Systems, Time & Attendance Software, Time Management, Management Software System, Flexitime

With over 1,000 implementations across the UK, Ireland and Canada, Softworks will help your organisation to build a clear picture of employee time through detailed dashboards, KPI's, Proactive Alerts and Reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexi-balances, scheduling and holiday leave.


Task Management Software, Project Management Software, Project Tracking System

We see ourselves as pioneers and Softworks appeared to be an innovative company, committed to continual improvements and one which would grow with us. Integrates the complexities of project estimation, job costing and scheduling to help reduce loss of unaccountable hours and subsequent profitability. ProjectWise assists your organisation in maintaining full and profitable control over every aspect of a project and its related expenses.


Access Control Software, Access Control, Access Control System

An access control solution that allows you to authorise, monitor, report on and manage access to your building AccessWise, a stand-alone or fully integrated module within the suite of Softworks Workforce Solutions, is a flexible system designed to control individuals entering and/or leaving the premises. In an organisation where employees do not clock-in, employees will be issued with access cards or can use biometric readers.


Flexitime, Flex time, Flexitime Working, Flex time Working, Flexible Working Solution

With the ongoing debate between quality of work-life balance and meeting the needs of the business raging, organizations are asking themselves, are we responding to the ever changing demands of the evolving work environment. The Softworks Flexitime solution in the right hands can drive productivity and profitability through greater visibility and control of your largest cost base and most valuable asset – your people.


Softworks Workforce, Workforce Management, Schedule Software, Time and Attendance

With over 1000 implementations to date, Softworks provide easy to use, easy to implement Time & Attendance, Rostering and Absence Management solutions. Rapid return on investment (leasing/rental options available. For Organisations with 10 or 10,000 Employees.