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By: Eft  05/12/2011
Keywords: carbon emissions

Energy Manager V5.2 Reporting Modules
Energy Manager V5.2 has exceptional reporting capability and truly interactive graphs and reports. All are part of our standard package.

The Energy Analysis module includes daily, weekly, monthly, annual and comparative cost and consumption analysis techniques. These bring together a vast portfolio of easily understood graphical and tabular reports. Also included are advanced techniques such as Degree Day and Regression Analysis.

The Baseload Analysis module enables the user to monitor any specified baseload against actual consumption. These techniques allow for fast-track identification of excess energy used out of normal operating standards and quantify these costs using cost consumption and custom reports.

The Energy Center Reporting module allows the user to break down energy costs to specific energy areas enabling cost centers to be set up to drive greater accountability.

Degree Day analysis provides the user with daily, weekly and monthly figures that can be used to analyze the effect of weather on a building’s heating and cooling needs. Degree day analysis is useful in forecasting future energy needs.

The Electric Bill validation allows you to trend, compare and validate utility bills.

The Building Performance report allows for multi-site building comparisons that enable the user to easily identify comparative inefficiencies and therefore, optimize building performances against all KPI’s.

The Energy League module creates meter benchmarking reports to highlight the performance of meter, meter aggregation or KPI’s within the company organization to highlight best performance.

The Profile Analysis module allows profiles to be viewed from one minute to one year frequency levels. This facilitates greater depth of insight and understanding of what’s happening within your integration period. It also allows for higher frequency reporting on any number of analog metering points such and Environmental, Temperature and Flow-rate components.

The Budget Analysis reporting tool allows for custom dashboard reporting of budget or target set points that can be viewed at any chosen frequency level. These allow the user to promptly identify at-a-glance any budget or target overruns. Using drilldown functionality, these overspends can be further specifically identified.

The Carbon Emissions module allows report generation of any meter of energy center’s carbon emissions.

The Multiple Fuels module allows for single report analysis of all fuel types to generate your total energy spend.

The Maximum Import Capacity report shows the selected month’s kVA. The report generates both a graphical and tabular breakdown. The graph clearly highlights any time your MIC has been exceeded. In the tabular breakdown, you are given figures for any excess kVA and the associated cost, as well as giving the max kVA for each day of the month and the exact time it occurred.

The Power Factor report displays the relationship between KVAr and kW, only for the main meter. If the power factor falls below a certain limit, usually 0.95, excess wattles charges may be incurred.

The What If Analysis module allows the user to interrogate the system to find out what would happen if changes were made to current energy trending.

The Tenant Billing module facilitates the creation of internal or sublet billing structures.

The Specific Energy Ratio module allows report generation of all types of key performance indicators.

The Drill-down module allows customization of meter grouping to quickly analyze energy patterns across any combination of meters in graphical and tabular format.

EFT is designed so that you can build your own custom reports. EFT can also design custom reports for you.

Multivariable regression analysis for M&V, forecasting , and weather normalization.

Keywords: carbon emissions

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AutoStart DATATrak

By using Energytracked, we have identified areas where potential savings can be made by implementing changes and energy reduction measures. Energytracked is proving to be an excellent system for AIB Bankcentre Headquarters, Dublin. Fiachra Crean, Engineering Services Department of AIB Reports.


AutoStart Tridium

Cul Green is an exciting initiative between the GAA and ESB aimed at making Croke Park a Carbon Neutral Stadium. This was recommended to us by ESB Independent Energy as part of our Cul Green energy project. The Operations Manager of Croke Park Stadium, Mr Alan Gallagher, reports. We are delighted with the installation of Energytracked at our stadium.


Control Energy Costs

EFT Energy Manager V5.2 is a superior web based enterprise energy management system that empowers businesses to measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption, carbon emissions and expense across all utilities in real time. Powerful Technology Energy Manager V5.2 combines the latest .Net software technology with the most advanced data collection hardware to give you state of the art tracking and reporting capability.


USA Hardware

EFT’s DataTrak™ Ethernet data collection logger gathers utility data in real time from electric, gas, water, steam and temperature meters over Ethernet networks or GSM/GPRS. This interval data can be stored or uploaded to the EFT Energy Manager V5.2 through a variety of formats including XML & CSV. Our solution provides “plug & play” technology that automatically detects and configures Modbus devices in seconds.


Ireland & UK Hardware

EFT’s DataTrak™ data collection logger gathers utility data in real time from electric, gas, water, steam and temperature meters over Ethernet networks or GSM/GPRS. EFT Energy Manager™ primarily collects data from pulse, modbus or analogue signals through our range of Ethernet and GSM/GPRS data collection loggers.


Ireland & UK Metering

The KLIK System is very fast and cost effective to install, all connections are plug-in and pulse outputs can be wired in low grade cable up to distances of 1 km. Fitting is easy, supplies do not need to be isolated or cables disconnected and separate cubicles, panel cut outs and CT mounting kits are all unnecessary.