Raemis. Private Mobile Networks

By: Druidsoftware  05/12/2011

Low power GSM licensing initiatives are clearing the way for proven GSM technology to be used to provide mobility for corporate enterprise and office telephone networks. This is a superior alternative to existing solutions in many respects, including the availability of low cost handsets, better radio coverage, stronger security and more user functionality.

Raemis allows standard GSM handsets to be used in place of fixed line handsets in office and other corporate environments, but with local mobility on the premises which can be spread across multiple locations. Seamless integration and roaming with the public GSM network is also possible with the agreement of a mobile network operator.

Raemis can either be integrated with existing office PBX or IP-PBX systems or delivered with this functionality embedded. Hence the GSM handsets function as fully featured PBX extensions but with the benefits of mobility, messaging and data.

For enterprise customers who wish to use their GSM handsets on the macro network as normal, but also avail of local telephony networks at their offices, the Raemis product provides a unique solution in the market.

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Services. Design & Engineering

The probe was required to be highly efficient in order to extract various key information from live data streams. Druid was asked to develop a proof of concept solution aimed at probing mobile operators Gn interfaces. The probe became subsequently a commercially deployed version 1 of this product in tier 1 operators.