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By: Bairbre O'malley - Veterinary Hospital  05/12/2011

Our facilities include consulting rooms, operating theatres, x-ray, endoscopy, animals wards and surgical recovery ward.

We also have a boarding ward for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and reptiles.

Located in Bray, just off the M50, the hospital is very accessible to all clients around Dublin and Wicklow and from all over Ireland. 

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Other products and services from Bairbre O'malley - Veterinary Hospital


Products - Bairbre O'Malley Veterinary Hospital

You can purchase them on the premises or phone 01 272 3857 and talk to one of our veterinary nurses who can advise you on the best product suited to your pet's needs. At this hospital we stock a variety of foods, nutraceuticals and supplements to suit all pets. Your pet needs a good diet and quality healthcare products for best health.


Surgery - Bairbre O'Malley Veterinary Hospital

Our custom built operating theatre is very well equipped for a range of surgery from canine knee operations, ovariohysterectomy, eye and ear surgery to avian endoscopy and even surgery on tiny exotics like hamsters and chameleons. Oscar the pet barn owl, recovering from surgery on his fractured leg.


Anaesthesia - Bairbre O'Malley Veterinary Hospital

As we daily perform anaesthetics on tiny patients like budgies, chameleons and dwarf hamsters our veterinary team have a lot of expertise in challenging anaesthetics. During surgery patients get the full range of modern anaesthetics and pain relief with intravenous fluids as necessary. Blood tests and x-rays are performed if necessary to make sure the patient is fit for the anaesthetic procedures.


Radiography - Bairbre O'Malley Veterinary Hospital

This can vary from a dog with suspect hip dysplasia,a vomiting cat to even an African pygmy hedgehog with respiratory problems (no the prickles don't show up on x-ray!. A female dog with 2 large bladder stones -these were subsequently removed by cystotomy surgery. We daily x-ray a range of patients for a variety of reasons. Jubjub the Iguana being xrayed for a suspect broken leg.


Laboratory - Bairbre O'Malley Veterinary Hospital

We daily run a variety of blood tests on our cat and dog patients to investigate problems like liver, kidney and diabetes. We recommend all these pets have a health check every 6-12 months - this includes a routine blood and faecal examination. Trainee vet nurse Stephen runs a pre-anaesthetic profile blood test on an 8yr old female dog prior to her surgery.


Exotics - Bairbre O'Malley Veterinary Hospital

This is caused by a burrowing mite and weekly treatment for 2-3 weeks is needed to treat it. Lindsey giving Honey the rabbit a preanaesthetic check. Joey, the budgie with severe 'scaly beak'. Plato the tortoise with a feeding tube. Delereum the rat, snacking on a wafer.