The Eden Programme helps suicidal people choose life

By: Suicide Or Survive  05/12/2011
Keywords: mental health, Attempted Suicide

The Eden Program was established by SOS to provide a safe space for those in need who have attempted suicide or have had suicidal thoughts. It provides a supportive weekly group environment over a 6 monthly period in which up to 10/12 participants per program become more aware of their own psychological states and can develop independence in terms of confidence and communication skills, and an understanding of their own options, both therapeutic and personal.

The Eden Program is an in-depth program and recognises that for an individual to look at the possibility of life rather than death will take time. That is why this program is confidential and closed.

The overall aims of the programme are to

(a)  empower participants to make appropriate choices in terms of their day to day lives and more particularly in times of emotional crisis,

(b)  reduce the potential of death by suicide by the participants, and

(c)  increase awareness of suicide and suicide prevention while also addressing the stigma that exists around mental ill health.

‘Take action now for your mental wellbeing’

SOS (Suicide or Survive) are seeking participants over 18 years of age for an upcoming Eden Program as part of a strategy towards suicide reduction.

Suicide or Survive through The Eden Program brings resources to the community by making available a subsidized innovative outreach program.

Anyone who has attempted suicide or has had suicidal thoughts can apply to be part of this six month, program. Places are limited and an assessment is part of the procedure for group formation.

The weekly meetings are held in a safe, confidential environment in order to foster individual resilience, coping skills and resource awareness.

Suicide or Survive (SOS) is grateful to Mental Health Ireland (MHI) and Shine for their collaboration and support as  part of SOS’s national strategy to provide the Eden Program nationwide.

If you wish to take action towards your positive mental health, why not become part of a community based mental health awareness Eden program provided by Suicide or Survive.

To apply confidentially please contact (Leo or Louise) at Suicide or Survive we would be delighted to hear from you.

By phone or Email.
Telephone Lo Call:  1890 577577
Email:   [email protected]

Testimonials from Eden Programme participants:

“As a participant of the Eden Programme I know now that to ask for help is not a sign that I am going back to the dark place all over again, I just need some support to help me stay safe while I cope and deal with my feelings and thoughts”.

“As a participant of the Eden Programme I have learned that while I have been here that there is more to me than an illness”.

“As a participant of the Eden Programme I have learned that if I do not take the support one day I will succeed in killing myself”

“The one thing the Eden Programme has given me that no other programme ever has is the strength to have a life, to be me, to be able to cope.

“This programme has given me my life back so that I can cope with life without trying to keep killing myself”.

“I have been through some dark places this past year but I have been given support to help me to fight for my life, my right to live”

“I now know that for me to have a life I need to open my mouth and to tell people what is wrong”

“I am learning to ask myself what is wrong with me and what supports do I need now”

“A sense of ACCEPTANCE as I am right here and right now – is probably one of the most important experiences of being part of the Eden Programme”.

“I experienced Hope for the future – there is one”

The Eden Programme is funded by

Keywords: Attempted Suicide, mental health,

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We started an Eden programme in Dublin city in collaboration with Shine. There is no doubt in my mind that collaboration is the way forward. We are holding assessments in.