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By: Pistris  05/12/2011

Pistris, Inc. offers a variety of solutions developed to address very unique client needs. Our experience, coupled with the experience of our strategic partners, enables us to provide these premium services quickly and cost efficiently. These solutions include:

Training and Capacity Building: Pistris, Inc. provides custom tailored, integrated advisory systems and associated courses of instruction. Our capabilities span a wide variety languages, cultures and skill sets, and we are particularly proud of our abilities to assess, identify deficiencies, design a program to fit our clients’ specific needs and then integrate the program with a tailored plan.

Support: Pistris can immediately deploy a number of Maritime Support Vessels (MSVs) designed to support a wide variety of maritime security, interdiction and sustainment missions. These vessels are truly unique assets unavailable elsewhere.

Risk Management: Pistris, Inc. is uniquely able to meet the challenges of maritime security with a full range of efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our team is comprised of an international array of former law enforcement, intelligence and military special operations personnel. This unusual blend permits Pistris to approach its clients’ security concerns from multiple perspectives.