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By: White Smile Clinic  05/12/2011
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Treatments such as Zoom use a heat bulb, instead of a cold, blue light, to accelerate the oxidization reaction. The heat bulb has the potential to cause sunburn over the lips, mouth and gums. It can also cause noticeable burning to the face and around the outer region of the mouth.Heat lamps do not filter out harmful UV light'

In our experience, many heat bulb treatments tend to leave a slightly 'chalky' appearance to teeth. In contrast, The White Room treatment leaves a smooth, 'glistening' appearance. 'This is because the chemical , glycerine, has been completely removed from our whitening gels. Glycerine is used in some treatments because it removes water from the tooth to render a whiter appearance. This can cause teeth to become brittle and become susceptible to chipping or cracking.

Equipment such as Zoom also tends to be more expensive, increasing the overall cost of treatment.

Unfortunately, there are many LED systems on the market today. The reality is that using and LED system is no different to shining a torch in your mouth and expecting your teeth to whiten!

As a consumer, it is often difficult to differentiate between LED systems. If you are considering an alternative teeth whitening service, be sure that you choose a reputable professional. Otherwise, you may be extremely disappointed (we know, we have seen the results first-hand!)

Take home kits can work well and are good to help maintain colour. Make sure that if you decide to go down this route you purchase one from a reputable practitioner and avoid buying from the internet as the teeth whitening gels can be of very poor quality. One problem with take home kits is that many people get frustrated with having to wear the mouth tray during the night for three weeks or more. They also tend to feel a lot of sensitivity from overuse.

Keywords: Smile Clinic, teeth whitening