Fashion and Music | what will i wear today

By: What Will I Wear Today  05/12/2011

Fashion and Music | what will i wear today?

So, Nicola Roberts, ‘that red-haired one’ from Girls Aloud is launching a solo career. This excites me. Let me tell you why. Firstly, Diplo and Switch are producing her sound. Diplo of Major Lazer and M.I.A fantastic collaboration shizzle. Dirty, beat-y, bass-y, sweaty pop I am reckoning. Have a little listen below.   Secondly, I [..]

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Editors’ Picks | what will i wear today

Well, as a belated kick-start into this beautiful, glorious New Year (I’ve got a good feeling everyone that 2011 is going to be the end of this god-almighty recession, notoriously depressing climate and insufferable Mikado biscuits and Aran sweaters associations-well, a girl’s gotta have dreams and all that), we’d like to bring you a collection.


Friday Flash Lust | what will i wear today

A Lust a week keeps the Recession at, er, bay… Well, with Forbidden Fruits kickstarting the party season this weekend, we here at WWIWT have all got a serious dose of festival fever.


Fashion and Art | what will i wear today

A selection of some very dapper looking men from the Congo, complete with spectacles, canes, bowler hats, and two-tone brogues in tow. A few months ago I posted some images from the Guardian magazine of the Gentlemen of the Bacongo.


Fashion and TV | what will i wear today

The first episode following Newcastle’s ‘Guido’s’ and ‘Guidette’s’, had enough fake tan, bare flesh, Jagerbombing, jacuzzi-boobing, smooching, mauling (when smooching borderlines on dangerous bodily. It’s only Week Three and we’ve already seen some amount of drinking, partying and clubbing in the Brit’s version of Jersey Shore-cleverly re-titled, ‘Geordie Shore’.


WWIWT TV | what will i wear today

Off the Rails is Ireland’s most significant TV programme about fashion – so how to approach the big league of fashion coverage. Late night brainstorming, copious Diet Coke and chocolate consumption, practice of TV faces (anyone remember.