RWorks Services

By: Rworks  05/12/2011

If so, RWorks is delighted to announce its new Java development services division.

Providing Java development services to indigenous Irish companies and multi-national sectors, the service is designed to provide solutions for clients who need systems built without having to go through the hassle of hiring analysts, architects and developers.

Whether you need additional resources for existing projects or you just want someone to take the project and do it for you, RWorks can help you complete your projects on time, to budget and with the latest technology.

Need the project managed? We can do that too. With fully qualified project managers on staff, RWorks Services can look after the entire project lifecycle for you.

Java development including

  • Java Desktop Applications; Swing, Java Web Start, Native calls
  • J2EE for application servers including JSP, Servlets, EJB 2&3, JPA/TopLink, Hibernate
  • Web Frameworks (Struts, Spring, ZK), Web Services (Struts, Spring, AJAX)
  • Android Application (App) development (API 8+)
  • Database applications including clustering and replication

Systems analysis services using UML

  • Requirements Capture and planning
  • Forward and Reverse Engineering of code and documentation


  • Linux or Windows
  • Fully fault-tolerant load-balanced deployments on virtual servers

Content Management driven Web-Sites