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By: Victim Assistance Ireland  05/12/2011
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1. Victim Assistance at court

2. Victim Impact Statements

3. Assistance for Tourist Victims of Crime

4. Post traumatic stress disorder

5. Victim Impact Statements

1. Victim Assistance at court
Appearing in court is a very unfamiliar and strange experience for many crime victims. They are unaware of what to expect or what their function is.

Victim assistance through their court service can remove some of the fear and anxiety of attending court. They are, however, precluded from giving legal or any form of advice in respect of the evidence the victim (witness) might give in a particular case.

Volunteers can Assist the Victim With:
- Someone to talk to in confidence
- An opportunity to view the court beforehand and learn about court procedures
- A safe environment to wait in
Someone to accompany the victim to court when giving evidence
-Easier access to people who can answer specific questions about the case
- An opportunity to discuss the outcome of the case after it has ended and assistance in getting more information

Who can Avail of the court service?
-Victim witnesses who are called to give evidence, including defense witnesses.
- Victims of crime and their families and friends attending court for any reason, children as well as adults.

Victim Assistance for the relatives and friends bereaved by :
Murder, Manslaughter or unlawful killing

To promote any charitable purpose directed to assisting those who have lost through death resulting from murder, manslaughter or unlawful killing of their relative or friend and in particular to promote and protect good health, both mental and physical.

Some of the reactions to bereavement:
- Loneliness
- Despair
- Anger
- Heartbreak
- Hatred
- Sorrow
- Hostility
- Numbness
- Revenge
- Rage
- Abandonment
- Stress
- Guilt
- Feeling of loss of sanity

Victim Assistance Offer :

- Understanding, empathy and support
- A sympathetic Listening Ear
- A shoulder to lean on
- A safety net in times of severe emotional crisis

2. Victim Impact Statements
It is usual for victims of crime to feel powerless and without a voice in the criminal justice system.

Victims of crime may now be heard with the help of a Victim Impact Statement.
The court now takes into account the effect that the crime has had upon the victim, whether of long or short term duration.

It is your opportunity to tell the court about the effect the crime has had upon you..
- Life changes or any other additional information concerning andy harm economic loss or physical injuries.
- Psychological / psychiatric effects and their treatment.

The use of victim impact statements in no way contravenes or infringes on the rights of the offender who can have a probation report prepared by the probation service.
The courts have been ordering victim impact statements where there has been an admission of guilt by the offender, but prior to sentencing.
Quite often you will be allowed to read your victim impact statement to the court.

3. Assistance for Tourist Victims of Crime
Ireland is the second most popular tourist destination in Europe.
As with all European and world class tourist destinations Ireland has it's own share of not so welcoming citizenry.

Each year there are a small number of tourists who become victims of crime.
They suffer stolen cameras - luggage - passports - money-tickets - assault and a myriad of other petty crimes. Whilst the number of crimes relative to the overall number of tourists is small.One such crime is one too many.

Over the years the Irish Tourist Industry have responded in a very positive way by assisting tourist crime victims with accommodation. The various airlines and other transport bodies have also helped in rapidly replacing stolen tickets.
Where necessary embassies have helped replace stolen travel documentation.
Many of the tourist victims of crime have opted to continue their holiday despite their nasty experience preferring to concentrate on the positive side of their experience
In the aftermath of a tourist becoming a crime victim

Victim Assistance can assist with help in respect of :
- Emotional Support
- Banks
- Transport
- Gardai accommodation
- Assisting victim making contact with their home
- Travel Documentation & Medical Support

As a result of their very positive experiences many tourist victims of crime resolve to return. Victim Assistance and the volunteers providing the tourist service have a lot to do with this reaction.

4. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Most people who experience a traumatic and stressful event, such as a crime, will feel emotional about it. These feelings are usually very strong, but they usually decrease as time goes by, and eventually disappear.

However you've been affected, we can provide information and support to help you cope with your feelings. Some people may find that their symptoms do not improve, and perhaps get worse. They may experience a severe, long-lasting reaction after a crime.

This is known as post traumatic stress disorder.
This is a medical term used to describe a pattern of symptoms found in a person who has been traumatised. Many people affected by post traumatic stress disorder find it helpful to talk to a medical expert, such as their GP, who might be able to arrange some specialist counseling or help.

However, there can be a waiting list for counseling so you many find it helpful to contact us for help and support in the meantime?

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