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By: Allergy Therapy  05/12/2011
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Your inborn healing power

As you know, your body naturally has tremendous healing powers – it is programmed to heal and re-balance you whenever possible.  For instance, if you get a cut or bruise, it will immediately set to work to heal itself as quickly as possible.

Releasing energy blockages

Energy is constantly flowing through your body, both up and down in specific energy pathways.  It is through these pathways that areas and organs deep inside your body can be stimulated.  Energy blockages in your body can be picked up on your feet, and by stimulating those points it helps the blockages to release.

Alleviating Stress

Stress, ultimately the cause of most illness, can cause a lot of tension in your body.  By encouraging deep relaxation reflexology can help to de-stress you, calming down your nervous system and increasing the natural flow of blood to your body.

Suggested number of treatment sessions

Three sessions over a 3-week period is a very good basis; then if desired another three sessions over a 6-week period;  and then once a quarter as a preventative measure.  Ultimately it is entirely up to you how many sessions you would like.

Keywords: Alternative Therapy

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