Smart Goods Vac-U-Seal Vacuum Sealed Plastic Airtight Container keeps your food fresh for longer in fridge freezer microwave

By: Smartgoods Pty  05/12/2011
Keywords: Airtight Container, Fridge Freezer Microwave, Vacuum Sealed,

Our VAC-U-SEAL plastic food container selection can cater for both small and large quanties of food.

These vacuum sealed airtight containers are available in various shapes and sizes.

VAC-U-SEAL Products Sizes

Product codes Size in ml Dimensions
1800 330ml 135x120x51mm
1801 430ml 172x119x51mm
1802 530ml 135x120x69mm
1803 600ml 175x160x48mm
1804 630ml 172x119x69mm
1805 700ml 220x152x48mm
1806 800ml 175x160x71mm
1807 1000ml 220x152x71mm
1808 1200ml 175x160x95mm
1809 1500ml 215x200x71mm
1810 1650ml 220x152x95mm
1811 2100ml 215x200x95mm
1812 2300ml 255x255x71mm
1813 2500ml 255x195x95mm
1814 3200ml 215x200x140mm
1815 3400ml 255x255x95mm
1816 4200ml 255x195x140mm
1817 5000ml 255x255x140mm
1818 7000ml 255x255x185mm

VAC-U-SEAL Product Sets

Product codes Size in ml
1900 800/330ml
1901 1000/430ml
1902 1200/530ml
1903 1500/600ml
1904 1650/630ml
1905 2100/800/330ml
1906 2500/1000/430ml
1907 3200/1200/530ml
1908 3400/1500/600ml
1909 4200/1650/630ml
1910 5000/2100/800/330ml
1911 7000/3200/1200/530ml

Keywords: Airtight Container, Fridge Freezer Microwave, Vacuum Sealed,