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By: Sonru  05/12/2011
Keywords: Oral Examinations

Products | Language Examination

Orals practice and preparation

Sonru is an excellent means of preparing the language student for oral examinations that they will encounter in their senior cycle language education. The ability to speak the language is of paramount importance and should be reflected in the amount of time allocated to oral lessons and assessment. However it is often the case that a high quality focus on oral ability only really occurs in the senior cycle. Even in the senior cycle oral preparation can be overlooked as the teacher whilst trying to cover the entire syllabus cannot afford to spend countless classes testing each student’s oral ability on an individual basis.

Sonru can help eliminate such dilemmas and ensure the students oral ability is being examined from the very first language class.
The language teacher can now assess and examine his/her students’ oral ability as often as he/she wishes. The following are the simple steps involved:

  • Send to class
  • Students complete assessment within or outside of school hours.
  • Teacher reviews Once completed the teacher can review the students answers within or outside school hours.
  • Access to video files The student and teacher will have access to all completed videos; these can be viewed at any time for reflection and review purposes.

Thus the teacher can carry out a much more rigorous oral education for his/her students without sacrificing other aspects of the syllabus or important class time. On top of this students will have a unique opportunity to hear and see themselves speaking the language from the teachers’ point of view. The student will be much more likely to take review points on board whilst viewing their completed video at the same time.

Keywords: Oral Examinations

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