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By: Iccm  05/12/2011

Data Recovery

ICCM is one of Irelands leading data recovery companies.We employ the latest technology and solutions and have experience in recovering data and files from a wide range of devices and disk drives including recovery for USB Drives and pens, SATA, IDE and SCSI hard disk drives, files lost on laptop and desktop computers as well as business networks and servers including RAID arrays.

We can recover data lost due to virus infection, disk failure, deletion, formatting, a faulty hard drive or any other reason. If you have lost an important file or files, the first stage is to carry out an evaluation of the problem at which point we will be able advise you of the steps necessary to recover your lost computer data.

ICCM can undelete files, recover lost data and reactivate and repair faulty disk drives.

If you have recently lost files that you need to recover the first thing you should do is stop using your computer and contact us immediately, you longer you use the computer after losing the data the more chance that the hard disk sectors containing the data will be over written making recovery more difficult.

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