Unique Furniture

By: Natural Decor  06/04/2010
Keywords: garden furniture, Wood Furniture


This Table is hand carved from Reclaimed Indonesian Teak Root and is therefore a one of a kind creation. Once the roots are selected they are shaped into a piece of furniture that best suits the personality of the wood.

Teak (Latin name Tectona Grandis) has a rich rubber and oil content, hence is a very durable timber species. The Teak Root is sourced from previously felled trees, some up to 500 years old, helping to eliminate waste and regenerate the soil for replantations. 

Although its water repellent properties make teak the most suitable outdoor furniture available, the elegance of the furniture urges many people to place them indoors where they can be more visible and appreciated. Ranging from the bright lustre of the sapwood to the deep rich brown of the heartwood, the two toned teak furniture accents any living space as a benign conversational piece.

Keywords: garden furniture, Wood Furniture