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By: Kinnear  05/12/2011
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Tax Planning

With the wrong business structure or poor transaction planning, you can pay too much tax!

Through timely, effective planning, we can ensure you don't miss opportunities, minimise tax liabilities, and avoid costly tax pitfalls.

And we can help you unlock profits from your company, or pass on the family business to a new generation, with minimum pain from tax payments!

Our tax planning services include;
• Tax minimisation arrangements for personal, corporate and capital taxes.
• Tax efficient corporate and group restructuring and reorganisations.
• Profit extraction strategies.
• Succession & Estate planning.
• Advising on Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals.
• Advice on the correct VAT treatment of property transactions.
• Tax impact of marital breakdown.

Tax Compliance

Staying up to date with the wide ranging tax requirements can be demanding. Some of the taxes you may need to deal with include income/corporation tax, payroll taxes, VAT and subcontractor tax. The Irish Revenue Authorities now apply severe penalties and interest charges if tax is found to be underpaid, whether accidentally or otherwise!

We provide extensive tax compliance services to ensure your business remains tax compliant, leaving you time to concentrate on controlling and developing your business.

As part of our annual services we can complete a comprehensive annual review of each of the taxes affecting your business. We'll report the results and advise on action needed.

Revenue Audit Support

The Irish Revenue Authorities may at any time review business tax returns. Known as a Revenue Audit, this can be a harrowing experience, even when matters are in good shape. It can last several days - at your business premises.

Kinnear & Co. can take the pain out of this experience by:
• A review of your tax affairs and business records before you are selected by Revenue, and advice on how to avoid selection.
• A review to prepare for the Revenue Audit visit.
• Dealing with the Inspector on your behalf during the Revenue Audit and negotiating on any issues in dispute.
• Representing your interests before the Appeal Commissioners, the Ombudsman, or the Courts.

Keywords: Revenue Audit, tax, tax planning

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Kinnear - services

Our clients have direct access to partners and senior professional staff members, ensuring they receive the highest quality personalised services. We work closely with our clients throughout the year, helping their businesses succeed in a highly competitive, fast changing world. At Kinnear & Co. we are committed to providing a comprehensive range of services to meet our clients every need.


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Our partner led approach to audit assignments ensures an efficient and effective audit process with the highest opportunity of adding value and supporting the business. We focus on the substance of the business to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies, as well as satisfy statutory requirements. We believe the audit process should play a constructive role in the life of a business.


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We are very strong and highly experienced in advising on and compiling comprehensive, fully researched business plans.We can analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business and help you evaluate the opportunities, and the threats, which face it.


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This enables us to provide objective and impartial advice on the most appropriate investment products for your hard earned money. We can provide access to a wide range of investment funds from leading financial institutions. Every day we provide independent advice to help clients make the right long term decisions.. Managing a successful business involves making the right long term decisions.