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By: Painreliefireland  05/12/2011
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Baby Liptrainer Baby Lip Trainer is a tool to prevent symptoms caused by breathing through the mouth. Just fix into the feeding bottle's nipple only. You can reuse it many times. If the lips are not closed to suck from the bottle, the milk will not flow through. Just like breast-feeding, you can now feel safe that you are raising your child healthily, as long as you have Baby Lip Trainer.Improvements in symptoms: Crying at night, Sucking the thumb,Salivating Wetting the bed,Sleeping on the face,Sleeping sideways Snoring,Asthma,Tooth-Decay,Bad Breath Flu,Dry Skin

Price: €30.00

Are you bothered by the Mouth breathing, Sore throat, Phlegm, Snoring, Sleep apnea (OSAS), Bad breath, Blocked nose(Sinus), Bleeding from gum(Periodontal disease), Mouth ulcer(Stomatitis), Temporomandibular disorders(TMJ/TMD), Teeth grinding? Then you need to start Liptraining.

Price: €80.00

Pain Relief Cream. Spagyric medicine for treatment of back,neck,elbow,ankle, rheumatic pains,sports injuries, gout and headaches.Contains Taxus, Arnica, Bellis, Symphytum, Hypericum,Cardiospermum, Eupatorium, Arnia and pine oil.

Price: €15.00

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