By: West Coast Tree Surgery  05/12/2011
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Removing a tree can be a tricky job and requires careful safety procedures. A single tree can weigh an enormous amount, and often grows very close to inhabited buildings or busy roads. A tree needs to be 'dismantled' in the correct sequence, and removed piece by piece. If there is enough open space the entirity can be allowed to fall at once- otherwise ropes and harnasses need to be used to control what section falls and where.

This is the complete removal of a tree. If there is enough open space it can be achieved in one fall, otherwise it will have to be carefully dismantled. Ropes and harnasses are used to control the direction of the fall. Stumps can be removed, and the felled tree can be logged.

Crown reduction involves cutting back a trees branches and removing parts to allow for example, more light to filter through, or to reduce the weight, size and shelter of the tree. Crown reduction is normally used if a tree is too big for its space. Crown reduction is also called 'drop crotch pruning'. As it can have a major effect on a tree, it should be done only when required and with care.

Crown lifting involves taking out some of the lower branches of a tree to provide higher clearance from the ground to branch level. This ensures that the tree does not have any obstructing branches. It is best to do this while the tree is young and growing, as taking away a large heavy branch is a bigger job that leaves bigger scars.

If the branches of a tree are too thick and dense, or the tree is catching too much wind or blocking too much light, but has a good general shape, then crown thinning can be used to 'lighten the load'. A percentage of branches are removed while the general shape is retained.

Dead wooding refers to the safe removal of any dead wood from a tree. This removes the danger of wood falling and will also improve the health and beauty of a tree.

After a tree is removed, the stump that remains can be an eyesore or even dangerous. With stump grinding, we use a powerful machine to grind down the stump and remove the section that rises above the ground. Normally, the smaller or underground roots are left.

We will trim and tidy your hedges, which may also include the reduction of the height of the hedge as required.

Keywords: Dismantling, Pruning, Tree Surgeon