Remote Computer Support - Services

By: Weedu  05/12/2011
Keywords: data backup, Remote Backup, remote computer support

  Our main service is supporting PCs, Smartphones and Macs. We also provide systems administration, remote access, remote control, file sharing, virtual private networking and data backup.
  • Support Remote Computers and Smartphones:  WEEDU can remotely support PCs, Macs and Smartphones on demand as if we are sitting in front of them.
  • Access Work Computers:  We can set up systems so that individuals, small teams and entire organizations can access their work computers from anywhere. This is really handy for people who take their laptop on the road but have a desktop at home or in the office and work between both.
  • Connect Devices to Private Networks: Device and private network connectivity across public networks without the need for additional hardware. When you need to connect your home and office computers and printers securely via the internet.
  • Deliver Access, Management and Networking as a Service: Deliver essential remote IT services to even the most hard-to-reach, Internet-connected devices without large up-front costs or IT infrastructure changes.
  • Back Up Remote Computer Data: Secure, remote backup to storage devices you control. Ideal for the small business, this allows you to conduct automated back ups of computers in one site to computers in other locations. Usually from the computer in the shop or office to one at home.

Keywords: data backup, Private Network Connectivity, Remote Backup, remote computer support, Virtual Private Networking,