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By: Webontics  05/12/2011
Keywords: web design, website design, search engine

Our approach to web design is somewhat different from the traditional (could be argued: outdated) approach of designing good content. We start by including an overview of what the goals of the site are and how they integrate into the goals of the user/organization that the site is designed to serve. We then build a site with this in mind, but also to include good technical design and SEO (Search Engine Optimized) from the beginning. We then build on these principles as the site develops / matures in terms of having a dynamic approach to the entitity that the site is meant to serve, and reflecting those changes as part of the site development. This way, the site truly relects the goals of the controlling entity, and is also immediately more available for the search engines to find at the earliest opportunity after the site is developed and published, which is (in our view) critical to the sites success.

Keywords: search engine, web design, website design

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More Web Activity for my business":- How can you get more interaction with your customers. Its now made easy so that the as the average user can do all this themselves.


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It is best to choose one that not only best reflects the type of business you are in, but represents you in a whole host of ways, it should be easy to remember and easily identifiable with your business or organization. Your domain name is the gateway onto the internet and it can be the making or breaking of your business.