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By: Weatheronline  05/12/2011
Keywords: Weather Forecast, satellite images

Agroweather offers useful information like current weather information, current radar and satellite images as well as weather forecasts. The online weather forecast is displayed in 3 hourly time steps for the first 2 days and 6 hourly time steps for the following 12 days. All together displaying the forecast and trends for the next 14 days. The Agrofax features/service provides the general weather forecast as well specific parameter like leaf wetness and crop temperature.

Furthermore with Agroweather WeatherOnline presents extensive coverage of the most relevant fungus diseases influencing crop development e.g. Phytophtora, Alternaria and Fusariums. Since weather very strongly effects the usage of the different plant protection products we offer a broad list of active agents and the ideal timing for their application in relation to prevailing weather conditions.

To get acquainted with this new service and to experience the benefits first hand we offer a complimentary two-week trial period accessible by just registering online. The introductory price for the Agroweather Services (Online + Fax) is GBP 59,- (86) for the 2007 season (until November 15th) or GBP 89,- (130) for a 12-month subscription. Any time after that the seasonal subscription (March 15th November 15th) will cost GBP 89,- and GBP 129,- for the 12-month subscription.

Keywords: satellite images, Weather Forecast,

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