By: Waveform Studios  05/12/2011


Established in 2002, Waveform Studios has forged a solid reputation as one of Ireland's leading music composition and audio post production providers and offers a one-stop shop for all your audio needs.The studio is conviently based in the heart of Dublin's business district beside government buildings. Working creatively to all types of briefs and to tight deadlines is second nature here, and we deliver on time, every time.



A full list of clients is available on request.


AUDIO: Waveform has 24-bit digital multitrack recording and editing facilities using the latest Digidesign Protools 8 and MOTU Digital Performer 6, running on the latest G5 8-core Apple Mac systems, with full OMF/AAF/MXF import and export compatibility to and from Avid and Final Cut Pro systems. The system offers integral synchronisation capabilities for locking sound to picture. We also have a sound-proof recording room for v/o and music recording. We have a telephone Hybrid which we use for recording telephone meetings or to direct voice over sessions over the phone instead of using ISDN, emailing the final takes to the client.
We can also offer location 24/96khz recording facilities.

VIDEO: can be input from Beta, Beta SP or Quicktime Movie and output on the SONY 32" Plasma screen and monitor in the studio as well as onto the monitor in the voice over booth.

CD MASTERING: (Redbook) is put together in Peak 5, the most comprehensive mastering software available, with full control over CD text, PQ coding and ISRC codes.

OUTBOARD: In addition to software sound editing and manipulation tools there is a full array of vintage and contemporary outboard equipment and microphones available from manufacturers such as Focusrite, Pendulum Audio, Langevin, Neve, Eventide, Orban, Ashly, Microtech Gefell, Shure, Røde, Audio Technica, SE Electronics, Sennheiser, Korg, Alesis, Fender and many more. The monitoring system is Genelec.

SOUND FX: The studio has a wide selection of sound generation devices both software and hardware. There is an extensive sample library covering everything from contemporary dance sounds to classical music, with a wide variety of foley/backdrop samples also available. As a result of many years programming there is a large custom sound library, in addition to massive libraries of common and familiar sounds and sound effects. A full list of equipment is available on request.