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By: Steadfast Financial  05/12/2011

Services Every client that we deal with at Steadfast Financial will be different and we are confident that we can adapt to each individual’s needs and provide a high quality financial advisory service. To help you understand how we can help you, we have highlighted examples of when our expertise might help. Full Financial Advisory Service
This is our most detailed service and will include all of the services listed below. We will discuss your financial objectives with you, assess your present situation and construct a plan with recommendations designed to help you achieve your objectives. Constant monitoring, via annual reviews, will ensure that you remain on course and will allow us to amend your plan should your situation change. Product Specific Advice
We often find that clients may have a particular need that they wish to discuss, without the need to review of all their finances. We will provide a complete analysis of the various products relevant to your needs and advise you on the most suitable, based on a variety of parameters, such as cost, performance, benefits, charges and flexibility. Again we will monitor the progress of this plan on an annual basis. Monitoring Service
Many people collate a variety of financial products throughout their lives and often find that they do not know exactly what they have in place and are paying for each month. In certain instances, such as pension plans, you may not even be aware of what your plan is likely to provide you with at retirement. Without changing anything that you have, we can assess and detail all of your policies and provide an annual summary showing you exactly what you have in place, the present value and the associated costs. Execution Only Service
You may know exactly what you want and require no advice at all. We can offer an execution only service where we can simply complete the necessary paperwork for you and arrange the speedy issue of your policy. You should be completely familiar with the product and its benefits before using this option.

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Protection Planning This is one of the foundations of a sound financial plan because whilst you are trying to create wealth and security for your family, the impact of a personal tragedy can very quickly become a financial disaster. What we mean by this is that many of us are lulled into a false sense of security if we have accumulated several assets and tell ourselves that if we were unable to work we could live off these assets.