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By: The Draftmaster  05/12/2011

“These new units are a fantastic addition to our pub. Their versatility will clearly be their biggest draw. There is nothing else like these tables in the town. If you’re planning any party, these highly interactive and very stylish tables will add a new dimension to any gathering. This simple idea will do away with the need to queue or spilling half your pint while trying to squeeze through the crowd. The tables are ideal for private parties such as stag-nights, hen or birthday celebrations or a simple afternoon lunch. Ours are situated beside the big screen projector, making them perfect for watching matches without leaving your seat.”LIAM, COSY JOE’S, Bridge Street, Westport, Co Mayo, IRELAND

The Draft Table™ is a new concept that gives consumers the freedom to pour draft beer at their own table. The Draft Table™, created in Waterford, Ireland and contracted to Diageo for the Pour Your Own Pint phenomena, is now available worldwide.

The Draft Table™ has been successfully launched nationally in Ireland through Diageo's Pour Your Own Pint campaign. Several Draft Table prototypes are up and running in the USA and Canada.

The Draft Table™ connects with customers and creates a new pub experience for them, allowing them to pour their own pints at their table. The 'pull your own pint’ system has options to pre-pay for drinks or to run a 'tab’ for subsequent payment. It is particularly suited to groups on nights out and to those watching sports events in bars with the facility to run up to four separate taps on a table.

The Draft Table™ is now available worldwide. The beauty of the mobile Draft Table™ system is that there is absolutely no waste, no electrical wiring or construction necessary.

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