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By: Datanet Quality Systems  05/12/2011
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Transform shop-floor data into actionable intelligence

A key requirement of most continuous improvement, Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma programs is the ability to access timely manufacturing data. WinSPC's data collection features enable manufacturers to quickly and accurately capture and manage product and process data from nearly any shop-floor source, including: serial devices, text files, machines, gages, databases and other manufacturing systems. WinSPC's data collection features offers the fastest, easiest way for quality engineers to quickly gather manual input, connect to devices, or capture data from other manufacturing sources.


  • Enable visibility into shop-floor processes
  • Understand and improve processes
  • Support continuous improvement and Lean Six Sigma programs
  • Increase responsiveness
  • Make data-driven decisions


Collect data from nearly anything--devices, machines and other data sources
WinSPC software was designed to collect and access data in real-time from a variety of sources, including devices, machines and data sources.
  • Devices: Collect data from RS232 serial devices and USB devices, such as micrometers, calipers, scales, tensile testers, hardness testers, keyboards, and more.
  • Data Sources: WinSPC easily accepts data from any text file, ODBC-compliant database, or manufacturing systems that support OPC, OLE, and DDE. This allows WinSPC to easily integrate with other manufacturing systems such as ERP, MES, LIMS, APC, HMI, SCADA, and more. Or, configure WinSPC to read data from a centralized manufacturing process database.
Manually enter data using one of WinSPC's three simple interfaces
In order to perform SPC, many companies need non-technical shop-floor personnel to enter data. This can cause training and "worker acceptance" issues in some corporate cultures. To combat this issue, and improve the acceptance rate of SPC software among shop floor personnel, WinSPC offers three simple manual data collection interfaces--all capable of being mastered in minutes (regardless of computer experience).
  • Standard: the standard data collection interface uses a "red" stop and "green" go paradigm to alert operators of in-control or out-of control situations
  • Blueprint: the blueprint data collection mode shows a picture or drawing to guide the user through the data collection process.
  • Spreadsheet: the spreadsheet mode allows operators to quickly enter multiple and/or more complex readings in any order.
Program your own WinSPC data collection interface
Use WinSPC's API to create your own operator interface. WinSPC supports over 500 OLE methods and properties, which enable programmers to customize its interface to meet a variety of needs. For instance, you can mirror the look and feel of an existing, or legacy, system, choose to hide functions that may confuse operators, or provide more complex visualizations.
Connect to most devices and data sources in three steps
WinSPC's simple device setup allows quality teams to capture data from nearly any source in three simple steps. This not only reduces implementation time, but saves hours of productivity if your  processes requires frequent production changes.
Intelligently capture data from complex manufacturing machines and devices
Using OLE programming, WinSPC intelligently captures data from complex manufacturing devices, such as PLC and CMM machines. For instance, if a reading falls outside of a specification, WinSPC can prompt the machine to send additional readings, increase the frequency of data, change a frequency, and/or collect additional characteristics. WinSPC offers over 500 methods and properties to support OLE Automation for advanced-level manufacturing automation.
Collect data faster
WinSPC can capture and process data at burst rates of 100 points per second. This feature sets WinSPC apart from other SPC and data collection systems, making it the preferred real-time SPC software for companies that automate data collection.
Continue to collect and store data in the event of a network communication failure
If the network connection is not available, WinSPC continues to collect your data and will store it locally until the connection resumes. This eliminates unnecessary downtime in your production environment.
Collect tag values, specification limits, targets and raw data from other sources
WinSPC collects stand-alone and linked tag values, specification limits, targets and more from any RS232 serial device, USB device, text file, DDE server, OLE automation server, OPC server and ODBC data source. This saves time, reduces errors, and eliminates the need to re-enter configuration information.
Collect data at fixed time intervals
Configure WinSPC to prompt shop-floor operators to enter a reading at a specified time, prompt machines to send data, and alert management if a reading is missed. Simply use WinSPC's data collection console to easily define timing parameters for data collection.

Keywords: data collection, Manufacturing Systems

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