QualTrend: Manufacturing Intelligence

By: Datanet Quality Systems  05/12/2011

Transform data into enterprise business metrics

QualTrend pulls together necessary data from various sources and locations, allowing you to develop enterprise-wide picture of your product and process performance. Designed to be used with or without WinSPC, QualTrend reaches out to virtually any or all of your manufacturing databases to synthesize your real-time or historical data and deliver manufacturing statistics to your desktop.

Using QualTrend's multiple-level Digital Dashboard, quality teams can monitor a worldwide enterprise or any of its facets from a single screen. The dashboard condenses complex information down to a simple "traffic-light" style display that lets you quickly identify any variances at a glance. This helps you proactively deal with the most important problems first. Green, yellow and red indicators let you know what demands your immediate attention.

Perform comparisons, set goals, establish thresholds and monitor key continuous improvement efforts and share them across the company. QualTrend applies your business rules to raw data then delivers the results to your web browser in easy-to-read reports, charts and graphs. Plus, QualTrend offers six sigma professionals, managers, and statisticians a web-based, high-end statistical analysis tool to perform advanced analysis across your organization’s data sets.

Automate quality reporting to management, suppliers and customers. Whether it’s hourly production summaries for a plant manager, or a custom certificate of analysis for each of your customers, QualTrend offers easy tools to deliver professional, timely reports over the web.

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Collect Data from Shop-Floor Hardware Devices

Combine the footswitch with the FlexPort to allow operators to easily control the flow of data to the PC. FlexConnect gage cable for serial gagesFlexConnect gage cable for digital gages. Can trigger TIR readings in addition to triggering any combination of ports. Convert output of various gages to Mitutoyo compatible format. Go/No go status tower for large operator alerts. For connecting gages to FlexPorts.Models.


SPC Data Collection Software – DataNet Quality Systems

Collect data from nearly anything--devices, machines and other data sourcesWinSPC software was designed to collect and access data in real-time from a variety of sources, including devices, machines and data sources. For instance, if a reading falls outside of a specification, WinSPC can prompt the machine to send additional readings, increase the frequency of data, change a frequency, and/or collect additional characteristics.


Control & Monitor - SPC Control Charts and Quality Control Charts

Visualize your process quality on the shop floor using real-time control chartsUsing WinSPC's real-time control charts, shop floor operators and managers can monitor a process to assure that it falls within specification. Set fixed control limits or automatically recalculate control limitsWinSPC allows SPC professionals to set fixed control limits or recalculate control limits at a particular value.


SPC ActiveX Control with WinSPC

The WinSPC ActiveX Control allows you to embed WinSPC's real-time statistics, charting, control testing and alarming functionality into your existing software solution. The WinSPC ActiveX control is a popular solution for manufacturers who want to supplement custom manufacturing systems with advanced. Integrate SPC into custom or advanced manufacturing automation systems.


What's New in Version 8

Build and store English language queries to answer questions, guide daily activities, discover trends, uncover problems, and detect unwanted changes. Calculate the cost of give-away, visualize optimal process settings, and identify process changes that result in large cost savings. Publish & share customizable quality reports.


Continuous Quality Improvement Services - DataNet

DataNet Solution Delivery services supplement your Quality and IT teams, enabling you to cost-effectively implement and maintain a real-time SPC program across your organization. Our consultants, product specialists, statisticians, and application engineers offer the specialized resources required to. Design a real-time SPC implementation strategy that will quickly earn the highest return on your software investment.