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By: Datanet Quality Systems  05/12/2011
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Identify nonconformances in real time and prevent defects

To minimize the cost of quality, more and more companies are adopting preventative and predictive methods for manufacturing quality control. Real-time SPC software is a proven, fundamental tool used to detect, and ultimately prevent, process errors that lead to defects, scrap or waste. WinSPC's real-time SPC control charts graphically display real-time, actionable information to operators and managers. This empowers personnel to detect and correct out-of control situations, minimize variation, and continuously improve the manufacturing process. The result? Higher quality products and a more cost-effective, capable process.


  • Minimize variation
  • Prevent defects
  • Reduce scrap, waste, rework
  • Improve manufacturing yield
  • Empower personnel with actionable intelligence
  • Promote Lean Manufacturing


Visualize your process quality on the shop floor using real-time control charts
Using WinSPC's real-time control charts, shop floor operators and managers can monitor a process to assure that it falls within specification. WinSPC offers nearly every SPC control chart type to display your process information in the most intelligent and informative manner. This allows your team to respond immediately to process issues, prevent defects, minimize variation, and reduce waste.Real-time control charts available in WinSPC include:
  • X-bar & R
  • X-bar & S
  • X-MR
  • Median ( R)-R
  • P

Other real-time SPC charts:
  • Tabular Cusum
  • EWMA chart
  • EWMV
  • EVMS
  • Time Series
  • Short run charts:
  • Z & W
  • Difference & MR
  • Z-bar & S
  • Difference-bar & R
Win shop-floor acceptance with WinSPC's simple operator interface
For many companies, the biggest hurdle to product and process improvement is motivating the workforce to accept change or learn a new technology. This is especially true if the technology requires shop-floor operators learn computer software. To address this, WinSPC offers three data collection interfaces--all capable of being mastered in minutes regardless of an operator's level of computer expertise.
  • Standard: the standard data collection interface simply requires an operator to key in a value and press the Enter key.
  • Blueprint: the blueprint data collection mode shows a picture or drawing to guide the user through the data collection process.
  • Spreadsheet: the spreadsheet mode allows operators to enter multiple readings in any order.
Define your own screen layout
WinSPC gives you the power to layout the data collection interface to meet your shop-floor needs. You can choose to display one or more types of SPC charts in the same window, display calculations, show/hide items and more.

Interactively display and analyze your data in any WinSPC chart. Simply right-click on a chart and choose a different real-time SPC chart from the list.
Scroll to view data from the "beginning of time"
WinSPC charts include a scroll bar that enables users immediately view all data collected for a part. Simply right click and choose "scroll bar" from the list to easily review your data from the "beginning of time."
Set fixed control limits or automatically recalculate control limits
WinSPC allows SPC professionals to set fixed control limits or recalculate control limits at a particular value. Administrators have the power to reset control limits at designated intervals, enable the system to intelligently recalculate limits, or "lock-down" control limits--giving SPC professionals the flexibility to meet a variety of SPC requirements.
Save time using built-in support for standard SPC rules--or create your own
WinSPC offers built-in support for Western Electric, Nelson and Shewhart rules. Or, use a point-and-click interface to define your own rules.
Calculate, combine, manipulate, and respond to data as it is collected
Use WinSPC's equation builder to execute simple or complex calculations from raw data, such as translating readings from millimeters to inches, calculating fill weights and tare weights, or deriving and charting geometric volume from raw dimensional data. The advanced tagging and logic functions enable users to generate a number of automated, conditional responses from various inputs. For instance, you can define a specification limit for a part based upon its name or lot number.

Keywords: data collection

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