Demonstration of Ricebridge Java XML Manager Component

By: Ricebridge  05/12/2011

XML Manager Demonstration
You can use this page to try out XML Manager. Just dump your XML document into the XML Input text box below. To get you started, we've provided some sample XML - just hit the [PROCESS] button!

If you need a site license, you can also .

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When trying out your own XML, don't forget to update the RECORD and FIELD settings — they'll need to match your XML. When XML Manager can't match a field or a record, it just returns an empty string.

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Email support package for Ricebridge Java CSV Manager Component

Questions relating to software architecture, general questions or requests for implementations are not supported by this package. Only technical questions relating to the CSV Manager component will be entertained. Priority handling of bug reports and feature requests.


Free Ricebridge Java XML Manager Component Trial Download

Sorry about this, but otherwise you'd have to reconfirm the trial license every time, not just once. The trial will also create a .ricebridge folder in your home directory to record the trial status. Please rename it to a jar file after it has finished downloading. Internet Explorer may want to save this jar file as a zip file. Put the jar file in your CLASSPATH. Download the trial jar file.