Digital Vista

By: Digital Vista  05/12/2011

Digital Vista's workflow engine, Ariadne, is a simple but powerful, broadly compatible, J2EE-based, XML-driven workflow engine for building web-enabled workflow applications. Ariadne is compatible with the popular J2EE application servers including: BEA WebLogic®, IBM WebSphere®, Oracle 9iAS®, Orion Server® and JBOSS®.

Ariadne differs from competing products as follows:

  • Highly configurable: Most aspects of Ariadne are configurable and easily customisable. It is simple to extend it, for example by adding custom handlers for certain tasks that talk to proprietary or legacy systems.
  • Embeddable: This engine can be used to manage most state-driven applications through it's lightweight and embeddable design. This is one of the greatest features of Ariadne that truly sets it apart from other workflow management solutions. This does not mean that Ariadne is not useful in developing mission-critical applications- our scalable design will support simple workflow type operations through to distributed, enterprise-wide applications.
  • Low cost: Ariadne is licensed on a per server basis (not per user or per processor).
  • Source code: Full source code is available